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Oklahoma-based band Sports impresses their fans with cutting-edge visuals for all of their releases. They were looking to accompany their release "The Look" with a filter which doesn't only fit in with their visual concept but also engages fans in a way an interactive art piece would. 


We created a modern art inspired filter design, featuring four merged, spinning 3D chrome head models which each adopt the user’s face and change colors according to the user’s skin tone. A screen tap makes the sports logo appear like a neon green glowing halo. The filter also includes an interactive slider, with which the users can modify the background of the filter from an abstract red to a trippy animated visual. The audio for the band’s new single “The Look” is playing along with the visuals, letting fans record a lip-synch video.


Check out our Analytics report here!

Screenshot 2021-04-17 at 11.55.04.png
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