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Glass Animals - Heatwaves Filter


Glass Animals had one of the most recognizable marketing campaigns of 2020. They went with an all-digital approach including 3D album artwork, user-generated music videos, Augmented Reality filters, live-streams and a 90's style website called Open Source. The Auras Team helped create a filter to support their global smash hit - "Heatwaves". 


It was important to help fans feel like they were a part of the album while exposing them to the production process behind the music. So we created a filter that re-created the "Heatwaves" artwork in AR, building an immersive 3D visual experience for instagram. We also embedded stems from the song (drums, bass, vocals and synths) and let users tap the screen to add those stems back in. The goal was to let fans feel like they were producing the song themselves. 


Check out our Analytics report here!

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