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Building an Artist's Brand in Augmented Reality 

Written by Auras Studios - February 9th, 2020


Part of being a musician is to help people have ideas and feelings they may not have on their own. You can create this magic through music, through artwork through performance and brand. Augmented Reality(AR) offers endless possibilities for conveying these ideas in ways that are easy to understand. 


Think about the creative assets that go into a promotional campaign. You have an album cover, music videos, merch, photoshoots, digital marketing, touring etc. In 2020, every single item on that list became transformed for the digital world. 

Album covers go 3-dimensional including interactive elements through AR. 


Music Videos become TikTok AR concerts.   


Merch becomes a Fortnite skin. 


Digital Marketing Strategies become interactive through lenses and filter experiences. 


Photoshoots create both 2D and 3D assets to be used in AR. 


Touring becomes geo-tagged AR experiences in cities or locations. 


So the question becomes: does AR technology help my fans connect or engage with my brand story and marketing message? The answer is yes, when used correctly. 


I, like most people, spend my entire day online. I am spoon-fed advertisements and am increasingly more upset at the lack of new content on my favourite video streaming platforms. In fact, 46% of American consumers feel the same way. 


Building an artist brand in 2021 requires a new way of thinking about your fans. Yes, they all spend time online, but pumping out livestreams is not the way to reach them, to stand out we need to provide them with interactive storytelling that puts them in the center of your music. 


This is exactly what AR allows you to do, and why making use of interactive features on Instagram’s Spark AR and Lens Studio are crucial. 


This is one example of an interactive filter project we did for the Glass Animals. Auras Studio team took audio samples from their smash hit “Heatwaves” and allow the user to tap the screen to add these samples of the song. (Bass, Drums, Synths, Guitar, Vocals). By tapping the screen you also can change the visuals and colours around you. 


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